SmartH2O Newsletter – Issue 1

The 1st issue of the SmartH2O Newsletter has just been sent out! Check out our first results, events, news and innovation community!



Dear Colleagues,

as the SmartH2O project approaches the end of its first year I would like to share with you some of our first results, current news in sustainable water research and exciting opportunities ahead.

In the SmartH2O project we are investigating new ways for managing urban water demand. We do so by developing innovative solutions to proactively engage citizens into water saving by means of cooperative awareness tools, such as water consumption profiling, persuasive games for behavior change, and computer-supported community cooperation.

We develop an ICT platform using smart metering, machine learning & social awareness tools to:

  • Understand consumers’ current behaviour, based on historical and real-time water use data
  • Predict how consumer behaviour can be influenced by various water demand management policies: water savings campaigns, social awareness campaigns, dynamic water pricing
  • Raise the awareness of water consumers on their current water use habits and their lifestyle implications and to stimulate them to reduce water consumption

In this inaugural issue of our newsletter, you find a sneak-peek into some of our work, such as applying gamification principles to raise citizen awareness and stimulate water saving, and a glimpse of our preliminary results on methods for automatic water end-uses disagregation. You also find a selection of current news on sustainable water management research and development.
Finally, we invite you to join our LinkedIn SmartH2O innovation community to keep track of new developments, share your opinions and generate new projects and collaborations.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Andrea Rizzoli,
SmartH2O Project Director

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