The SmartH2O project develops an ICT platform for improving the management of urban and peri-urban water demand thanks to the integrated use of smart meters, social computation, and dynamic water pricing, based on advanced models of consumer behavior.

Water consumers are people whose behavior depends on a variety of motivations and social and individual drivers and triggers. For this reason, it is necessary to develop a framework able to consider both the technical and the social sides of the problem, and able to promote the active engagement of the consumers with the shared objective of saving water and energy. The SmartH2O project aims to provide water utilities, municipalities and citizens, with an ICT-enabled platform to design, develop and implement better water management practices and policies, leading to a reduction in water consumption, without compromising the quality of life, and to an increase in resource security.

The project is led by SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland) which is supported by seven partners, from academia and industry.
Discover here more details on the project partners, our platform architecture, specific objectives and use cases.