The Empresa Mixta Valenciana de Aguas S.A., known as EMIVASA, is the main affiliate company of the Aguas de Valencia group, and it is responsible of drinking water treatment and supply in the city of Valencia and its metropolitan area.
EMIVASA operates, among others, two large Drinking Water Treatment Plants in Valencia (La Presa and The Realon) taking water from rivers Júcar and Turia, with a total production capacity of 8.8 m3/s. These plants supply potable water to around 2 million end users.
In recent years, EMIVASA, like the whole group, has focused in developing R&D policies aiming at improving the efficiency of the different processes managed by the company, with the ultimate goal of providing a better service to customers.
EMIVASA will provide real data from smart water meters to the project. In particular, the company has committed to run the SmartH2O platform with hourly data from at least 2500 selected end users. Moreover, EMIVASA’s costumers will also participate in the project through the interactive gaming platform designed within the project.