SUPSI is the University of Applied Science of Southern Switzerland, with with two institutes: IDSIA, the Dalle Molle Istitute for Artificial Intelligence, and ISEA, the Institute for Advanced Electronics Systems.
SUPSI is the project coordinator and leader of WP3 (User modeling). READ MORE ON SUPSI
Politecnico di Milano is the leading Italian technical university. With the Dept. of Electronics, Information & Bioengineering and the Dept. of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering,
it leads WP4 Saving water by social awareness and WP9 Dissemination.  READ MORE ON POLIMI





University of Manchester is a leading engineering & technology institution in the UK. With the School of Mechanical Aerospace and Civil Engineering, it  focuses on economic and econometric analysis of demand and dynamic pricing. READ MORE ON UoM The Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) is a public, dynamic and innovative institution dedicated to researching and teaching, with strong bonds with its social environment and a strong presence abroad. UPV will contribute to WP 3 and 5  READ MORE ON UPV






Set Mobile Srl is a SME specialised in real time solutions for business based on office and system integration. It will work mainly in WP6 (Platform Implementation and Integration), WP8 (Business Development). READ MORE ON SETMOB The European Institute for Participatory Media is a non-profit organization devoted to the study of new media ecosystems based on participatory content creation, delivery and utilization. It leads WP2 (requirements) and contributes to most of the project WPs. READ MORE ON EIPCM






Thames Water Utilities Ltd is the private utility company responsible for large parts of Greater London and the Thames Valley. It leads WP8 (Business development) and contributes to the development and validation of the SmartH2O platform in the UK use case. READ MORE ON TWUL SES is a multi-utility supplying the Sopraceneri region in Canton Ticino. SES is in charge of the Swiss case study and provides support to the development of the SmartH2O platform, leading the validation work package (WP7). READ MORE ON SES





The Empresa Mixta Valenciana de Aguas S.A. (EMIVASA) is the main affiliate company of the Aguas de Valencia group, and it is responsible of drinking water treatment and supply in the city of Valencia and its metropolitan area. EMIVASA contributes to the development and validation of the SmartH2O platform in the Valencia use case. READ MORE ON EMIVASA Aguas de Valencia (AVSA). AVSA is a Third Party associated with EMIVASA. AVSA has developed in recent years considerable knowledge in the area of smart metering and big data management. AVSA delivers the technical solutions for the integration of the SmartH2O platform in the ICT infrastructure of EMIVASA.  READ MORE ON AVSA




MoonSubmarine is a newco started up in 2012 and active in mobile application development and game design.
It provides game and graphic design experience, contributing to WP4 Saving water by social awareness. READ MORE ON MOONSUB
WebRatio is a Third Party attached to Politecnico di Milano. WebRatio is a leading Italian company, established in 2001, operating in the Software Development market. Its mission is to allow enterprises to stand out in the Digital Business age, by exploiting the full potential of Mobile, IoT and Cloud technologies. READ MORE ON WEBRATIO