Study, understand and modify consumer behavior to achieve quantifiable water savings by raising consumer awareness and by the design and implementation of dynamic pricing schemes, thus also improving the efficiency and business operations of water companies.


  • Study social awareness incentives to promote water conservation behaviours;
  • Develop an innovative method to learn and develop models of user behaviour integrating quantitative data, obtained by smart sensors, and qualitative data, collected through an online social participation application;
  • The study of the design of dynamic water pricing policies;
  • The development, implementation and validation of an agent-based simulation model, able to reproduce the behaviour of whole districts of water users based on selected user profiles;
  • To publish and disseminate our results, in particular fostering trans-disciplinary works involving both ICT and water resources researchers.


  • Development of a modular and scalable ICT platform that integrates a series of components, in order to provide water utilities an effective tool for the design and implementation of water demand management policies to promote water usage efficiency;
  • Improving the resource efficiency and business operations of water utilities thanks to the use of the SmartH2O platform;
  • Promoting the adoption of novel ICT solutions in water management companies